About Hello Honey Company

Hi, I’m Britney!  Every woman deserves to feel confident and seen! It’s my passion to be creative so it’s an honor to share my art with you today. Each pair of earrings are slow made with love. My goal is to encourage you to feel beautiful through jewelry. Some things about me; I am latina, I have two dogs, I love to read and paint, gym is my therapy and I love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone! If you have any questions, message me on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you for supporting my dream!
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Have any questions about our clay jewelry? Find them here!

Facts about clay jewelry


Majority of our jewelry is created with gold plated posts! This means that your jewelry can last you years if you properly take care of your jewelry. Each order comes with a clay care card to instruct you how to take care of your earrings. Follow each step and apply them to your daily care so you can wear your earrings for years!

Clay Care Tips

Have you lost your clay care card and need to know how to take care of your jewelry? I got you covered.

Keep your new clay earrings away from any other metals/other jewelry, by doing this you are allowing your jewelry to breathe and helping it not tarnish. Gold plated hardware is hardware that is coated with gold and not filled with gold. 

Store your earrings in a cool and dry place. Do not get your earrings wet and if you do accidentally wet them then quickly wipe the hardware with a dry towel.

Stay away from liquids and handle with care. Make sure your earrings stay dry. Handle them with care and do not be rough with your jewelry! Though Polymer clay is bendy, it can still break! 

Deals and Discounts

Stay updated with our Instagram! We have monthly deals and discounts so you can save money! Most of our deals are posted on our Instagram stories and Instagram feed so make sure you are following us.

Are Clay Earrings Lightweight?

Our Jewelry is super lightweight and you'll hardly notice it's there! Let's destroy the myth that clay jewelry is heavy! Try it for yourself and order a pair today (:

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Shipping And Delivery

How long does shipping take? Shipping takes 4-7 business days to be shipped. If your order is made before then you will be emailed tracking information! I create everything with love and will always deliver quality products! I will never rush creating your earrings. You deserve the utmost highest quality and my best potential!