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- Earthy Polymer Clay Earrings -

Slow made with lots of love by Britney☺︎︎ Processing time is 4-7 business days before shipping. All purchases are made to order! Each order includes a 10% coupon and a clay care card. Be bold and be different! 💛🌿

Florals 🌻

Floral clay jewelry to wear everyday!

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About the maker☺︎︎

Hi I’m Britney! I started Hello Honey Company with a goal to encourage others to feel beautiful. Every woman deserves to feel confident in their own skin! I hope every time you look at our website or wear your HHC jewelry, you feel unique! It’s my passion to be creative so it’s an honor to share my work with you. Want to know a little bit about me? I have 2 dogs, I occasionally read, I love to paint, the gym is my therapy and I love pushing myself to achieve my goals! If you have any questions message me on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you for supporting my dream 💗🌞

You are beautiful just the way you are

The face behind the brand 🪴

Why buy from me?
Community and Connection! I’ve built a community of amazing people who I get to connect with on a different level. Every single purchase helps me find purpose in and I couldn’t do that without YOU. A purpose that encourages you to feel beautiful!